Cymraeg+14 Welsh+14 (Polyglot speaking 14 languages)

alex liáng

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Cymraeg+14 Welsh+14 - as featured on S4C's Gwefreiddiol (12 Sept 2012)

Oh and for those of you haters who wanna bitch about "oh you have a funny accent in Russian" or "you mispronounced this word in my language" - please don't come here and try and bitch. I never claimed to be fluent in all these languages I speak and I'd like to see you try to do a piece like this in 15 languages and be absolutely perfect in all of them. Of course I will have an accent in some these languages and I am only fluent in some of them so before you write some stupid lame-ass bitchy comment, ask yourself this you haters: how many languages do YOU speak fluently eh? Take that and kindly go away you internet trolls. I've had so many lame ass comments from you haters and they will all be deleted, bwahahahaha!

OK I have been asked why the last line says "Northern Ireland" when clearly more people speak Irish in the Republic of Ireland than in Northern Ireland. Now the whole story is about learning the languages of the BBC so as to be able to get work with them - so the BBC does produce Irish language content in Northern Ireland, but they do not operate in the Republic of Ireland obviously. Hence that's why I was referring to people in Northern Ireland learning Irish to get work with BBC Ulster - obviously, people in the Republic of Ireland can learn Irish to get work with RTE. I hope that helps explains things.

And yes I know I am obviously more fluent in some languages and not so good in others, I never claimed I was fluent in all 15 of them. You can probably tell which ones I am far more comfortable in and which ones I am not that good in.

Oh and some people have asked what my mother tongue and first language is: it's English. Sorry I wish it was something a bit more exotic or interesting. I'm from Singapore and like many Singaporeans of my generation, my first language is English.
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