TRAVE SEOUL KOREA | Best Bibimbap in Seoul #6


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This trip to Seoul Korea is to keep my promise to my two best friends in university. I told them I would visit them in Korea and that was exactly what I did. It was honestly the strangest yet the most amazing feeling to meet your friends at a total foreign country. I probably would have never visited Korea if not for them. Since I'm not a kpop fan nor a korean drama lover, my sole interest in korea was to see Park and Kim.

I never intend to like the country but I did. Perhaps not the people in Seoul because people just seem so hasty and to be honest, I don't think they like tourists very much. The customer service we had in Seoul was...none existence. Well but if you look pass that, Seoul is simply just too beautiful! It is so modern that it feels like New York City without the grease nor the greed. It is also so old time vintage that it feels like Kyoto Japan. Other than touristy area, the rest of Seoul is very clean and in order.

P.S. don't be too surprised when you see Asian girls walking around with sharpie lines on their faces, they probably were about to get plastic surgery just out for a bite. It's real.

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Restaurant Info:

Mok Myeok San Bang
Walking distance from the N Tower cable car stop

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