Alice Merton - No Roots – BottleRock Napa 2018


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Alice Merton - No Roots – BottleRock Napa 2018, 5-27-18, 1st row. Alice: Give it up for Allison Hagendorf, the professional lemon shaker! lol

Other Tidbits:

Alice Merton also performed an acoustic set later that day, along with Liz Huett, Magic Giant and Mondo Cozmo.

Alice: Normally I talk a lot during a set, but today we kind of have... we don't have much time :P

We have a very special guest today. Her name is Allison Hagendorf. Remember the name! She’s a professional lemon shaker player. And she actually supported my music from the very start. She supported my very first song, called ‘No Roots’, so thank you so much Allison! And give it up for Allison, the professional lemon shaker! (Allison Hagendorf is actually the Global Head of Rock for Spotify, lol)

This was the 6th annual BottleRock Napa Valley at the Napa Valley Expo. The festival sold out in minutes.

Billing itself as the ‘fancy festival’, BottleRock pairs live music with the region’s wine and food offerings. It also puts on unique cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs with musicians from the daily lineups. For example, Snoop Dogg ‘rolled’ sushi with Iron Chef Morimoto, who also has his flagship restaurant a few blocks away in downtown Napa. While in the front row, we saw several musicians and celebrity chefs walk by and stop to take in the show from behind the barricades who said hi to us.

1. Hit the Ground Running
2. Keeps Me Awake
3. Holes
4. Learn to Live
5. Lash Out
6. No Roots (with Allison Hagendorf)
7. I Don't Hold a Grudge

Bruno Mars
The Revivalists
Lake Street Dive
Alice Merton
Magic Giant
Liz Huett


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