Wild Tiger Survival Simulator (by Vital Games Production) Android Gameplay [HD]


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With Wild Tiger Survival Simulator Game get ready for the new era of untamed African tiger simulation journey game!

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In Wild Tiger Survival Simulator gameplay explore the Jungle and appearance for looking to feast on. You’re an angry and cruel tiger leading a tiger family trying to killing anyone WHO comes in your read. You may play the role of the quickest running animal and can have the expertise of living a life in a very forest.

Take hold of this African tiger and search out animals like equine, stag, sheep, rabbit, hens and shake alternative jungle wild beast like catamount, lion, panther, rhino, wolf, fox, elephant, crocodile, bull, bear. Enter the jungle and begin your looking during this wild tiger forest hunt.

Maintain looking like lion and get rid of the expedition animals. Play sort of a hungry beast animal that searches for its prey. The sport consists of assorted gameplay missions with additional updates on the method. Also, you'll solely grow quicker if you win within the battles among the jungle species and shake your own rivals.

Play Wild Tiger Survival Simulator game as wild Tiger and survive within the wildness as long as you'll. Begin your own pride of wolves, fight for your life against fierce animals like crocodile reptile, bear and wolf. Show the wild and anger of a beast tiger!

Rummage around for food and fight for survival, Spot your territory, hunt animals, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Helper and heap additional. Rage off within the jungle and complete animal killing hunts! Wild Tiger Survival Simulator has multiple kinds of power attacks as well as bite, claw and jump attack for fast kills.

Play as a Tiger Survival Wild Escape Hunt to attack and kill for food in jungle. Expertise the real Tiger’s life. Fight with jungle beasts to survive in an adventures jungle surroundings.Wild Tiger Survival Simulator may be a Combination of Adventures, Simulation and rampage round the large Jungle. Realistic simulation of Wild Tiger Survival Simulator.

Begin as one tiger and build your family over the time. Hunt, Eat, Drink to keep up your health and Energy. Companion & Have cubs to begin family. Feed and defend cubs. It’s your role to survive during this life looking simulator game and defend your family cubs.

Hunt animals that attack your cubs. It would be a lion, cheetah, rhino, wolf, fox, and crocodile reptile and bear. Jungle is full of alternative wild animals.

Wild Tiger Survival Simulator Game Features:

• Play as Real Wild African Tiger Hunter.
• Actual thrill of search out animals like bull, elephant, Zebra, sheep & rabbit.
• Several thrilling and difficult mission.
• Survive within the life particularly against lion, panther, rhino, wolf, fox, crocodilian reptile & bear.
• Attack & kill Jungle beast animals.
• Explore the Jungle surroundings.
• Wonderful Sound effects & 3D Graphics & surroundings.

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